Discover your own paradise

Sometimes there are images that speak right to our heart. Just because they bring out a memory, a sweet memory. And because they project our feelings of freedom, happiness and fulfillment. All these images above speak right to my heart. For they portray Greek chic and make me feel that as the time goes by, i do travel to the paths i long to. To project Greek blogging and styling in an honest and sincere way with an artistic view sometimes. And this post is all about that. Speaking right to my heart and making me feel proud and fulfilled since i made possible to project my vision for a post adequate to this CeliaD limited kaftan from exquisite crochet lace. The little old chapel and it’s surroundings made a perfect scenery for out photo shoot. Also wearing vintage diamond earrings from a private collection and Antonia Karra bracelets.

Photography by Konstantinos Segounis