The people who know Maria Tzanidaki consider her a strong personality which often indulges in self sarcasm as a consequence of her sense of humor. Sociable, giving, optimistic and the “soul of the party”, she always cares to make time for her friends and loved ones masterfully juggling those 24 hours in a day leaving no loose ends. When she sets her mind and heart on any cause, goal or project, she performs with responsibility, creativity, respect and the fervour of eternal youth.

Maria has a “Bachelor in Engineering” in Electronic Engineering with Medical Electronics, from the University of Kent at Canterbury. She then acquired a Masters Degree in Business Administration, by the University of Wales. Afterwards, she worked as a Marketing & Public Relations Manager at their family business, “INTERMEDICA”, with Medical Equipment Representations.

Still Maria is restless. Due to her innate drive and feeling for the arts, she seeks a channel of expression. In her search to release her creative storm she selects Polyvore official blog where she blends clothes, cosmetics, accessories, locations and background settings launching revolutionary flexible style sets. Her performance whirls up a large community of 17.600 followers and 7.171.717 views. Alexandro Ingelmo, a well known fashion designer is impressed by her work and requests her collaboration in presenting five unique sets of his collection. Her project is crowned with success and is rewarded with 1.259.643 views. From that point on, her talent is acknowledged for the originality and vivacity she displays every time she constitutes a set. Maria is selected as one of the 11 members to attain the very First International Polyvore Meetup in London at NET-A-PORTER headquarters, out of millions of candidates from all over the world. Here she meets distinguished designers Nicholas Kirkwood, Erdem Moralioglu, Gabriele Hackworthy (editorial fashion director at Net-a-Porter and fashion director of Porter magazine) who identify her as a “web influencer”.

This motivates her to form her own profile on Instagram as a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger, under the name voguevictimblog. Through Instagram her work is recognized and appreciated.

Maria’s meeting point between her love for engineering and passion for fashion and beauty is geometry. Geometry is her guideline in the balance of clothing, makeup and accessories. Every appearance is the result of a math equation where you add and subtract accordingly. Style for Maria has no age, it just requires a knack and skill to mark out a woman’s femininity, verve and individuality.

In the crowded area of fashion, and style, Maria is a color palette for any seasonal challenge as she brings out her passion and natural instinct for the world of art, beauty, lifestyle and fashion while breathing class and quality on her way.

There is no line, trend or trade in style, beauty and fashion for Maria, only its essence. In this context, she declares herself a vogue victim and gives birth to her own blog naming it “voguevictimblog”.

After a vigorous and productive period in fashion blogging she was nominated for -Best Style Influencer- Award at 2016 Marie Claire Blog Awards. Having done numerous collaborations with well respected fashion brands and high end beauty lines she evolves in the millennial blogger that she now is. After she successfully completed one year of being a Guest Fashion Website Editor for Marie Claire Greece, she now fills with great success the position of Beauty and Style Editor at THE CODE MAGAZINE “https://www.thecodemag.com/”, a fully digital magazine.

The sky is the limit for Maria as she continues to live her dream through her work, always stetting new goals and living her life to the full!

By Christina Tripodianaki